What is Motivating our Clients?

“Through the years, through all of my challenges, James has always been a strong motivator for me… He is one of the most passionate and positive people I know. One thing he told me that stuck was – “Your attitude is infectious.” He proves that everyday.”

Damon Wilkinson Athlete Development / Mr. Fit LLC

“I have to say I love the message you’re sending to everyone. It speaks great volumes, and I think you have a powerful voice that has great potential to get great ideas across to the masses.”

Caleb Schweinsberg Student / University of Kentucky

“James was able to see and bring out in me what I didn’t even know was there. He had the ability to see in my self what I couldn’t. When you can change someone’s way of thinking, and set them on the positive. That is truly inspirational.”

Steve Mestas Manager Trainer / Athletic Retail

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