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scopeHave you ever tried to shoot a target 3000 feet away with a high power rifle? My guess is probably not. I have shot a target at 1500 feet, boy was that difficult. Accounting for the slightest change in wind, the correct pressure, the need for preciseness, and even the weight of the bullet. All in all, the slightest miscalculation even a change in a MM can cause you to miss your target.
Now, what does a change in a MM do when you are walking two feet, Not much. What about ten miles.  That slight change in course over a larger distance can easily put you off course.  Or it can redirect you to the correct destination.
Imagine that MM were your behaviors, and that ten miles was the path to your goals.  The perception that your goals need to be challenging, that your goals need to be big is correct.
But, the behaviors to achieve these goals are what is most important.  Why?  A behavior is simply a change in mind set, a learned action that becomes automatic.  When we are talking about how to achieve your goals it really is a simple concept.
Each day focus on one small thing (1 MM) to change.  Every week build on that, and you will see what a difference a MM can make.  A bunch of small changes, adds up to a huge change over time.
Damon Wilkinson

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