James Bischoff

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James “JB” Bischoff

James Bischoff is the Founder of Next Level Mindset & keynote.  For the past 2 years, JB has spoken and consulted with groups ranging from schools, businesses, and military personnel.  His unique style of energy makes him a “motivational need” at any leadership event.

His topics have included:

  • Leadership – The 7 E’s
  • Being the Player/Coach
  • Impact & Empower
  • 2-minute Motivation
  • Taking control of your life – Physically / Mentally / Financially

JB has committed his time to empower individuals, sales teams, C-Level officers, etc. in specific areas to empower these groups to step forward in their roles.

James has also committed his time to help individuals / companies with future finance and investments.  Whether you need to prepare for your financial future or leave a legacy, he can proudly say that not one of his clients have every lost a penny.  His energy, excitement, and enthusiasm drives him to get the best for you, so that you can feel that everything is truly taken care of.  When you meet JB, you will understand what I mean (also, to answer the question now – He is  like this without coffee!)

In this day and age, the value of working with a professional like JB to help you pursue your financial goals is immeasurable. With the resources he makes available to you as a client, he will customize your plan for your future in mind.  Whether you are 2 years from retirement, in your 20’s, an entrepreneur, business owner, or whatever; he will let you know that there is someone that cares about you. (Yes – expect a good old fashioned handwritten birthday card in the mail once in a while!)

Experience the Difference, see how his dedication, drive, character, and integrity, and the confidence that not one of his clients have lost money in their investments.  James can help you be better positioned for prosperity.

Contact him if you would like to review your financial situation- or get a second opinion on things to see how he will strive to help you reach your financial goals.