Lottery Ticket

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Not to long ago I heard a story that completely blew my mind.  Today I felt a need to share it with you.

  Somewhere in the U.S, not sure what state, there was a huge lottery.  The jackpot was up to a ridiculously huge amount.  It was reported that the winning ticket had been sold, but no one had come forth to claim the jackpot.  Months went by and the money was never claimed, in fact years went by and numerous lottery tickets had been turned in and cashed.  But, for some reason this one lottery ticket was never cashed and by law this ticket was only good for a certain amount of time. Finally, years later a person came forward to say they had this winninglottery ticket.  But, time had expired, the lottery ticket was no good.  The person with the ticket was furious, they asked ” how come all those other people with tickets were able to cash out, and I was not.” The response the person got was so simple it was this, “The other people knew what they had and they did not wait around.”
 You have dreams, goals, ambitions. So why are you waiting around, sitting on what could be the game changer?  Like that lottery ticket, we are all given dreams, we are all given a gift.  But, like that person with the lottery ticket we are sitting around waiting.  While someone else is cashing in their lottery ticket.
Simply put GET UP AND CASH IN YOUR LOTTERY TICKET before it expires, or even worse someone cashes it before you…..]
Damon W

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