Break the Cycle

Symposium – Student/Parent

Put your college student a step ahead

Course specifically designed for the High School Student that will be attending college.  Parents required to attend. Designed to teach students about the pitfalls of debt and credit/financial savvy in the college world.  Parents are coached on how to best help their college bound child without “over-helping”.





Creating the Habit – Youth Development

Certified-Financial-Education-Instructor-SealBreak the Cycle!

This workshop is designed for all age levels from Pre-K to High School and College.  Over 70% of working America live paycheck to paycheck.  Customized to instill the right habits in the future leaders of our communities.


Financial Development

Investment… in Yourself!

Develop your team to learn how to properly invest in their future. Understand what steps you now need to take to maximize the most out of your investments once you have started. Learn why getting started is the biggest issue for most people.  Steps on how to get started and why is now the right time to start.


Impact your team / Leadership Development

Impact Presentations

Create the A-Team!

Need someone to take your team to the next level?  Want a message delivered with passion Ready to roll out an initiative / program with energy? Presentations designed for your workplace, sport specific.  Leadership Presentations for Coaching staff, corporate management, VP, C-Level executives, etc.


Find Phenomenal with others!

Utilize the help of peers with the same challenges to catapult you in your life.  Develop yourself to find success by focusing on the “Find your 100” philosophy to better yourself physically, financially, and mentally.  Overcome the barriers that hold back your greatness, and walk away understanding that “average” is no longer the accepted standard.


Customized Classes

Create a Movement

Customized classes to help your group to overcome personal hurdles and utilize their individual skills to better everyone involved.  Classes can range from Preventing Finances / Communication breakdown between soon to be newlywed couples, create a “financial road map” so that you don’t need to work all of your life, and how to break the “average” cycle to position yourself in the workplace and strengthen your confidence.  Let us help you customize success.


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